March 31, 1896

On This Date in in 1896, Whitcomb L. Judsen of Chicago, Illinois was issued a US patent (No. 557,207) for a hookless fastener based on a slider. His original idea was designed to allow shoes to be fastened instead of tied with shoe laces. The prototype worked so well, that Mr. Judsen branched out and used it to fasten other articles of clothing together. He thought he had a winner when he fashioned a new type bra for his wife with his hookless fastener and he was eager to get other women to try it. The women had no problem with attaching and unattaching the hookless fastener, but their husbands and boyfriends were not as pleased, as one man said, “I din’t want to have to figure out that damned puzzle box each time I wanna to sample me wife’s goodies!” Mr. Judsen quickly gave up the idea as the husbands of the women who tried his new type bra threatened to beat him senseless if he continued with his plans.

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