March 30, 2011

On This Date in in 2011 the Experian Credit Reporting Agency reported that the economic recovery for Wales was much slower than the rest of the UK, stating that Wales only had a 1.6% growth per year over the next decade as compared to 2.2% per year for the rest of the United Kingdom. The difference between the rates of economic growth was attributed to the Welsh plan of renting sheep to people of other cultures and countries, but the problem arose that many of the other cultures, New Zealand especially, would not return the sheep within the time frame agreed upon and when they did, the sheep were not in the same condition as when they were rented out. Many of the sheep in question came back having adopted the Emo or Goth or Punk cultures of New Zealand and had to be sent to deprogramming schools in America, which were also used to turn gay teenagers into straight teenagers, to return them back to their happy, idyllic selves, which proved very costly.

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