March 1, 1957

On This Date in! in 1957, Kokomo, Jr., the Chimp became the ‘Today Show’ animal editor and parlayed that gig into a decades spanning career as the ‘go to’ chimp for movies and commercials. While Kokomo was universally beloved by humans the world over, his dealings with his fellow primates was not all spaghetti and beer. Manny the Monkey reported that Kokomo and his trainer were notoriously anti-monkey and wouldn’t work with any primate that had a ‘tail’. In fact, Manny knew for a fact that Kokomo had urban-fever and made his chimpanzee girl-friends dress in human clothes. Chim-Chim, a close personal friend and confidant of Kokomo, said that the lower orders of the primate family were just jealous of Kokomo’s success and that there was no truth to the rumors that Kokomo had died on the toilet while constipated. Instead, he died naked in his closet with a bag over his head. The coroner ruled it a text-book case of autoerotic asphyxiation. The people Kokomo was living with thought it strange that Kokomo’s hands were tied behind his back, but the coroner and police said they’d seen this a million times with old movie stars and the fact that Chim-Chim, the sole beneficiary of Kokomo’s estate was donating money to the police department was just a coincidence.

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    (translation: “This is even better than Devil Dan!”)

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