June 9, 53 AD, June 9, 62 AD, June 9, 68 AD

On This Date in TWISTED-HISTORY.com! June 9 was a busy day for the Roman emperor Nero. In 53 AD he married his 14 year old stepsister and first cousin Claudia. Remember, anything they do in West Virginia and Arkansas, the Roman emperors did it first. Later, after the new wore off of Claudia and having grown bored with her, Nero got a hotter babe by the name of Poppaea pregnant and divorced and banished Claudia. The Roman people protested his treatment of Claudia and on June 9, 62 AD he almost remarried her, but instead executed her. He sent Claudia’s head to Poppaea as a gift. Remember, nothing says true love like sending the head of your ex-wife to your current wife. And finally on this date in 68 AD, after the Roman government declared Nero an enemy of the state, he cut his own throat when he heard the soldiers approaching who were sent to arrest him. So on June 9, Nero experience marriage, divorce, and death.

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