June 28, 1859

On June 28,1859 – The first conformation dog show was held in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. Six years later the swimsuit competition section of the pageant was discontinued when the Welsh were caught trying to enter a shaved pig as an ‘Extemely Short-haired Pug-nosed Caerphilly Terrier With An Obvious Glandular Condition’. The judges ruled that it was unfair to enter such a delicious looking animal against the other hard-working British dogs that had entered the contest to compete fairly.

Seven after that years, in 1872, the hand-to-hand combat competition (or paw-to-paw for dogs) was discontinued when the Scottish dogs refused to comply with the Marquis of Queensbury Rules. It is believed that the real reason the British and Welsh dogs refused to step in the ring with their Scottish counterparts, was that the Scotts were using trained bears. This also explains why the Scotts won this section of the pagaent for thirteen straight years.

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