June 26, 1096

On This Date in TWISTED-HISTORY.com! in 1096, Peter the Hermit led his crusaders across Sava, Hungary on their way to Jerusalem to return the holy city to the worship of a Christian God. During the journey in Hungary, Peter’s lesser known brother, Herman, would irritate the horde of crusaders with his non-stop singing of “I’m Into Something Good” and Peter had to threaten him with a lashing to make him stop. Herman did stop singing “I’m Into Something Good”, but immediately upon entering each new Hungarian village or city, he’d ask every peasant women or merchant’s wife if her name was Barna. When one would say yes, he’d immediately ask her if she had a lovely daughter and then run off laughing like a mad man. History does not tell if Herman the brother of Peter the Hermit actually made it through Hungary alive.

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  1. Henery the Eighth says:

    He should’ve sung a song about me. That would’ve been sure to have been a runaway smash hit.

    Missed opportunity, if you ask me.

    (I’m) Henery the Eighth (I Am)

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