June 25, 2013

On This Date in TWISTED-HISTORY.com! in 2013 the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft returned to Earth after China’s crew completed its 15 day mission, which was the country’s fifth man spaceflight. China reported that once again, they were unable to located Wan Hu.


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One Response to June 25, 2013

  1. Drunk Commenter says:

    Allmost over a month with no new twists oif history! Thats almost too many weeks!

    I’ve been try to twisst my on history but its alot harder than you think. They make it look to easy but itsnot! Get drunk help but not enough but I try any way. HA I m kidding. I was going to idf I twisted hisotyry or not I was still getting drunk either way! =)

    I made a twist hisotyory for today but I forgot what it was. It doen’t matter it wasn’t funny. Oh wait! I rmember! August 7th I look up and though it would be fun ny to do one about the Council of Pizza untill I wen to weekapidia and its not as it sounds it didn’t even have any thing to do with pizza at all! Then I got board and order pizza in stead. So now I’m drunk and I don’t have any wtitsted history but I’ve got pizza and I’m drunk so yay!

    What was I talk about? It does matter. I’m just have some more pizza and drink some more and mayube we gets ome new twisting history soon! I hope so because I can’t be funny by my self.

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