June 14, 1594

On June 14, 1594, Jacob Kroger was hanged in Edinburgh, Scotland for stealing the jewels of Anne of Denmark, the wife of James VI of Scotland. Kroger was a German goldsmith who had accompanied Anne’s royal court to Scotland in 1590. He made much of her jewelry and she was pleased with his work. Unfortunately for him, she and James VI had a habit that was common among the nobility. They weren’t keen about paying their help the wages owed. So, in April of 1594, Kroger and a French servant, Guillaume Martyn, decided to appropriate enough of the Queen’s jewelry to cover their wages and head back to their home countries. They were subsequently captured and returned to Scotland, where they were hanged for theft. It didn’t matter that they were owed the money, they were second-class citizens. It wasn’t for them to complain and take matters into their own hands. It was for them to suck it up and realized they were never going to get paid. You know, like the contractors and the people Trump and his family have swindled throughout the years. Second class citizens and the physically ugly should know their place and accept it and be grateful for the crumbs that the rich and beautiful leave lying around.

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