June 11, 1509

On June 11, 1509 King Henry VIII of England married the first of his six wives, Catherine of Aragon. The reader must understand, this was not a Mormon marriage, as Henry was a Catholic at the time. He was married to each of his wives, one at a time, like God intended. His marriages went like this; Catherine of Aragon, married and divorced. Henry left the Catholic Church and started his own Christian religion just to be able to divorce her and marry the younger Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn was married, then divorced and to make sure the divorce took, Henry had her beheaded. He then married Jane Seymour. Jane died naturally after giving birth. Henry then married Anne of Cleves. Six months into the marriage, Henry asked for an annulment, and Anne, being very smart, said HELL YEAH and gave it to him. So she lived. The next wife was Catherine Howard. Instead of a divorce, he just cut her head off. The next wife was Catherine Parr. Henry died before he wore the new off of her and had her head cut off. So you ‘could’ say that Catherine Parr actually won the game of marriage with Henry VIII.

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