June 10, 1925

On June 10, 1925, the state of Tennessee adopted a new biology textbook that denied that the Theory of Evolution was real. This happened because the state of Tennessee passed the Butler Act in March 1925 and it forbid public school teachers from denying the Biblical account of mankind’s origin and prohibited the teaching of the evolution of man from the ‘lower’ order of animals. When the Tennessee state representatives were informed that evolution was based upon observable and identifiable facts that others could peer review and then reach the same conclusions, the Tennessee legislators pointed their fingers at the scientists and educated people and shouted “Witches! Satan is among us!” Years later, Texas said hold my beer and required that Creationism be taught as an ‘alternative’ theory to evolution. When the Texas state legislators were informed by scientists and educated individuals that Creationism wasn’t a real scientific theory, they pointed their fingers at those individuals and shouted, “Witches! Satan is among us!” Satan later said that he didn’t need to be among the Tennesseans or Texans at that time. Their stupidity allowed evil to run on autopilot and he could devote his attention to porn, which was the real moneymaker.

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