July 16, 1935

On July 16, 1935, the first parking meters were installed in the Oklahoma City business district. Patent-holder of the parking meters and member of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce traffic committee, Carl C. Magee, used the parking meters to solve a problem that the business district was experiencing. Workers in the business district were taking up valuable parking spaces in the morning and staying all day. Shoppers and other visitors were unable to find parking and were going to other less difficult places to shop. Magee’s parking meter limited the time a person could park in a given area and parking turnover began to occur and new shoppers were able to visit the downtown area and spend their money. Not only that, but the parking meters also brought in revenue from a source never before farmed; paying to park. So, city shoppers can thank Carl C. Magee for having to pay to park and they can also thank him for there being a place to park. Sometimes you got to take the bad with the good.

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