July 13, 1568

On THIS DAY IN HISTORY! On July 13, 1568 Alexander Nowell, the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral of London, perfected a way to bottle beer. Immediately the age of tail-gating and oversized team jerseys was ushered in and sports became a way of life and eventual religion in the U.K. and their colonies. The United States, after turning rugby into the manly sport of American Football, added potato salad, bratwursts, steaks, and hotdogs to the tail-gating ritual as well as inventing ‘ice coolers’ to keep the beer cold and delicious. Life became livable thanks to Saint Alexander Nowell, the man who made it possible to have a cold one while watching the game on TV, instead of being forced to walk to the local bar or pub and actually conversing with another human being.

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