July 13, 1871

On July 13, 1871, Harrison Weir organized the first championship cat show, also known as a Cat Fancy. The show was held at the Crystal Palace, Sydenham, London, England. The cats were judged on several criteria, including overall catness and catness as exhibited by Breed. Some of the athletic events included speed of climbing to avoid large dogs, the most catnip needed to get too high to stand up on all fours, largest hairball, the 10, 20, and 50 yard ignore, which is where the cat ignores its pleading owner to get into the house, and the ability to calculate the most precious object on a table and push it off to its destruction. The athletic events were canceled for all future cat-shows, as the cats just ignored their owners and wouldn’t do any tricks, except snort the cat-nip.

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