January 4, 1854

On January 4, 1854, Captain William McDonald discovered the McDonald Islands. They are halfway between Madagascar and Antarctica and are currently owned by Australia. The islands are mostly barren, cold and volcanic. Australia stated that the islands are perfect for an up-and-coming villain to create a base with laboratories and nuclear capabilities. Australia has said that penguins can be imported from the Antarctican shelf and laser beams can be grafted to their heads. Also, Wendy’s has said that if McDonalds isn’t interested in putting a restaurant inside the base, they’d happily jump on that action and serve their world-famous cheeseburgers, spicy chicken sandwiches, french fries and Frosties to any henchmen at a union discount.

In a press release, the McDonald's Corporation stated that they "do not endorse Supervillains, nor knowingly provide delicious Big Macs and award-winning fries to their henchmen". Former spokesclown, Ronald McDonald, could not be reached for comment. Share this post, if you're waiting to hear what Burger King has to say.

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