January 27, 1926

On January 27, 1926, Scottish inventor, John Baird, demonstrated his pictorial transmission machine, which he also called a television. He said the picture only came in black, white, and grey and he wanted to know “why ye needed any more than that, you extravagant bastards!”

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One Response to January 27, 1926

  1. Asking For A Friend says:

    I am intrigued by the idea of this pictorial transmission machine. There are such vast opportunities for the viewing of informative content and educational materials on a wide variety of subjects!

    I suppose it could also be used for entertainment purposes, although I’m sure that is only a secondary consideration. I can’t help but wonder though… on a purely hypothetical basis, as… an intellectual exercise, if you will…

    Could such a device be used to look upon images of scantily-clad ladies in various poses or perhaps to witness them undertaking various “activities” or… dare I ask… even to watch people and groups of people engaged in actual acts of intimacy???

    Please understand, I present such unlikely scenarios purely to indulge my academic curiosity about the limitations of this remarkable invention. I certainly do not intend to suggest or imply that anyone would ever actually use it for such base and immoral purposes… but theoretically… could they?

    Asking For A Friend

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