January 25, 1840

On January 25, 1840, Lieutenant Charles Wilkes, commander of the United States Exploring Expedition became the first person to identify Antarctica as a new continent. Subsequent explorers confirmed his finding. Wilkes did not see any giant mutated penguins, nor was he attacked by alien spaceships. He did see some sea lions and regular penguins, though. And he noted it was cold. Just a regular day for an explorer with no supernatural or extranatural events to document.

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  1. Kim Trells says:

    Hey, Mr. Shill, I see you’re still parroting the lies of your NASA bosses! You talk about crazy things like giant mutated penguins and alien spaceships to distract everybody from the REAL TRUTH of the ice wall and the special military force that is deployed there to keep anybody from PROVING it exists.

    If the Earth was really a BALL, why would there be an ice wall at the South Pole? Answer that one, Mr. GLOBE! And why keep everybody away from it? If Globism isn’t fake then why wouldn’t they want everybody to go the South Pole and PROVE IT? Because they know the South Pole DOESN’T EXIST!

    NASA has secret pictures of the ice wall around the edge of the world, but they ERASED them all from the Internet so nobody would ever see them! You would know it’s true if you weren’t all drinking the KOOL-AID. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE! Use your brains for once and do some RESEARCH. The TRUTH is right there.

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