January 15, 588 BCE

On January 15, 588 BCE, Nebuchadrezzar II of Babylon laid siege to Jerusalem and King Zedekiah. What makes this interesting was that Nebuchadrezzar II had eleven years earlier seiged and taken Jerusalem and installed Zedekiah as its king and made Judah a vassal state of Babylon. Eleven years go by and Zedekiah thought Nebudchadrezzar II and Babylon had slipped in their strength and decided to ally with Babylon’s enemy, the Egyptians. This was a mistake. A big mistake. Babylon sieged and took Jerusalem back. Nebuchadrezzar’s forces captured Zedekiah and his sons. Zedekiah’s sons are put to death in front of him and he then had his eyes gouged out. Zedekiah was then dragged to Babylon in chains where he lived the remainder of his days in the dungeons of Babylon. How do we know this is most likely true? Because the Biblical account is also corroborated by Egyptian and Babylonian records. This is one of the few times that Biblical stories are actually verified through records and accounts from other civilizations that interacted with the Jewish tribes.

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