February 3, 2008

On February 3, 2008, Grace Saenz-Lopez, the mayor of the Texas town of Alice, resigned after she was caught lying about her neighbor’s Shih Tzu. She had been asked to pet-sit the dog, Puddles, while they were on vacation. When they returned, Mayor Saenz-Lopez told them the dog had died and she had it buried. The family was distraught, but they believed her, since she was a family friend and the Mayor. A couple of weeks later, when a family member of the neighbors saw and heard a suspicious barking at a dog groomer’s, to their surprise, they found Puddles. When confronted, Mrs. Saenz-Lopez, said no, that wasn’t Puddles, instead, it was her dog, a newly purchased Shih Tzu, Panchito, a completely different dog from the dead Puddles. No, it was Puddles, and Mrs. Saenz-Lopez even tried to hide the dog at her twin sister’s house, fourteen miles away from Alice, Texas. The Mayor’s lies over the dog got so complicated, she even filed a false police report to say that Puddles was missing. To avoid questions about the dog, she even tried to claim to be her twin sister once when a reporter quizzed her about the pet theft, but when another reporter shouted, “Hey, Mrs. Mayor!” she turned around and looked at him, ruining her attempt at deception. Mrs. Saenz-Lopez claimed to do have taken the dog, and lie about its death, because her neighbors had mistreated it, and she was doing everything to save its life. Mrs. Saenz-Lopez stubbornly throughout this ordeal of her own making, tried to keep the dog, and even asked the judge to reward Puddles to her. At the end, Mrs. Saenz-Lopez was forced to resign as Mayor of Alice, Texas, return the purloined pet, pay a fine of $300, serve 48 hours of community service, and be on probation for two years. All that because someone wanted to keep a cute dog that wasn’t theirs.

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