February 24, 2006

On February 24, 2006, scientists at the Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico published an amazing accomplishment in the ‘Physical Review Letters’, a national scientific review journal. Chris Deeney, a scientist exploring the mysterious that ‘man was not meant to know’ gushed that his team of researchers had just produced superheated gas that exceeded 2 billion degrees Kelvin or for the non-scientists in the room, 3.6 billion degrees Fahrenheit. He said that’s hotter than the interior of the sun, in fact it’s even hotter than Jessica Alba in ‘Sin City’. Deeney said the craziest part of the experiment, even after completing it multiple times and getting the same results, was that he and his cadre of researchers had no idea of what was making the temperature explode into the billions of degrees. He said it shouldn’t be happening. But he said it is New Mexico, so it is a dry heat.

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