February 22, 1923

On This Date in TWISTED-HISTORY.com! in 1923, the first successful chinchilla farm opened in Los Angeles, CA. It was the first farm of its kind in the US as the chinchilla had proven hard to transplant from its native Andes Mountains. Contrary to popular opinion, the chinchilla is not a rodent, or a gourd, but is in fact a member of the potato family and its official scientific name is chinchilla tuberosum, not chinchilla lanigera. This strange looking tuber is grown underground and before 1923, all attempts to farm these delicious vegetables failed, because all attempts to dig them up resulted in the fur-like covering being severely damaged and unusable in the fur coat trade. In 1923, the farmers in California hit upon the idea to train ferrets and long-coated Chihuahuas to dig the chinchillas out of the ground without disturbing the fur covering and history was made.

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