February 12, 1733

On February 12, 1733, James Oglethorpe and his colonists on his ship, the ‘Anne’ landed and settled near the present site of Savannah, Georgia, and started the British Colony of Georgia, which was named after the English King who gave Oglethorpe his charter, King George II. Mr. Oglethorpe founded the colony upon the promise of land and prosperity for the younger sons and debt-ridden of England and the people soon prospered. Also, on this date, in 1986, Georgia native sons, Matt Montgomery Vinson, Esquire and Charles Chapmen Greene, MD, CPA, ASCPA, started the Rename Georgia Action Committee. They said that Georgia is the state’s Indentured Servant’s name, and a new name to show its freedom from British tyranny would be appropriate. They thought Peanuta, Godsland, or even Eastern Dawgia would be more appropriate than being named after a goofy British king. When asked why Eastern Dawgia, Mr. Vinson said he was just thinking ahead and if Alabama wanted to rename itself Western Dawgia, that would be okay. He also said that he’d had some thoughts on what to rename Florida, and believed Southern Whitetrashia sounded appropriate.

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