February 11, 1878

On This Date in TWISTED-HISTORY.com! in 1878 the first U.S. bicycle club, Boston Bicycle Club, was formed. This was before gears and to have a speedy, fast bike, required the front wheel (which was the pedaling wheel) to be bigger than the back wheel. This type of bicycle was called the ‘penny farthing’ and was quite fast for the time. Also, these bicycles were rather expensive and only the well-to-do young sportsman could afford to own and operate the contraptions. The Boston Bicycle Club had only a few rules of its members and included; all members had to buy the club uniform, which included the hat and uniform and hat had to be worn at all club events. All new members had to own their own bicycle and had to be recommended by a current member at which time the membership committee would discuss the new members qualifications (i.e., where they rich enough to join). All members had to be able to grow the required handlebar mustache and maintain it to the club’s exacting standards. Fake mustaches would not be tolerated, but beards would be allowed. Lastly, no women were to be members, even if they could grow the required mustache. At all. Ever, as riding a high wheeler would be considered indecent for a woman to do.

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  1. Number Six says:

    No particular reason, but I really hate those penny farthings. HATE them.

    A Human Being
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