December 9, 1907

On This Date in! in 1907, Christmas Seals went on sale for the second time, in the Wilmington, DE post office. The first time was at the Juneau, Alaskan Territory post office in 1906 and the purchasers were offered the option of clubbing their own or having one of the postal workers do it for them. It was a big, bloody success in Alaska and when the people began talking about how they were able to buy and kill a seal to help prevent lung diseases, the word quickly got back to Washington, DC and Mrs. Emily Bissell. Mrs. Bissell was shocked and flabbergasted and hurriedly sent a telegram to the Alaskans to explain that her proposed idea for “Christmas Seals” was an extra, festive stamp that would be sold to go on Christmas cards and the money collected would be used to help prevent and cure tuberculosis. The Alaskans admitted that was also a good idea and she should look to do that in the future, especially as there wasn’t that big of a market for seal blubber in the lower 48.

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