December 5, 1979

On December 5, 1979, the Mormon Church proved that the Catholics and Southern Baptists weren’t the only churches that could be misogynistic in the pursuit of making a paternalistic Sky Daddy the only Sky Daddy to be worshipped in the United States. On this date the Mormon Church formally excommunicated Sonia Johnson, a fifth generation Mormon, due to her outspoken support for the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution. Sonia believed that women should have equal standing to men under the laws of the United States and the Mormon Church believed that women already had equal standing, as long as they believed and behaved as their husbands and fathers told them to.

I've never understood why having your dangly bits on the outside supposedly somehow makes you superior to someone who has theirs on the inside. How does that make any sense at all? On second thought, never mind. I'm just going to file this under "humans are weird". Share Twisted-History. And quit worrying about everybody else's dangly bits.

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