December 5, 1945

On This Date in! in 1945, the “Lost Squadron” disappeared. Five U.S. Navy Avenger bombers lost communication during a training mission at the Fort Lauderdale Naval Air Force Station and were never heard from again. They were presumed lost at sea. In 1930, Dr. Pabodie discovered the remains of five unidentified aircraft on the Leng Plateau in Antarctica. He wrote in his journal that the aircraft were years ahead of anything that was available at that time. No bodies of the pilots or crew were ever located.

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  1. Stormageddon Dark Lord of All says:

    You have been found guilty of Distributing Truths That Humanity Was Not Meant To Know and have been marked for Annihilation, to be carried out at our earliest opportunity (which, with our current case load, should be some time within the next two or three centuries).

    In the interim, please refrain from revealing further Secrets.

    Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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