December 3, 1835

On This Date in! in 1835 the Manufacturer Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Rhode Island issued the first fire insurance policy to Antonio “Matches” Garducci XI. On December 7, 1835, Mr. Garducci’s warehouse full of fireworks, imported Chinese silk, and Jamaican rum caught fire and burned to the ground. On December 8, 1835, the Manufacturer Mutual Fire Insurance Company added new clauses to all of its policies that would prevent any future payment for specific damages. First, it would not payout on any claim that involved fireworks or gunpowder being stored within a building. Second, it would not payout if the owner of the home or business actively prevented firefighters from trying to reach and put out the fire, and third, it would no longer write any policy to anyone named “Matches”.

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  1. Matches McGee says:

    Nice web site…

    It’d be a shame if something happened to it.

    Just sayin’.

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