December 19, 1887

On This Date in! in 1887 Jake Kilrain and Jim Smith fought in a bare knuckles fight that lasted 106 rounds. At that time, a round lasted until one fighter was knocked down, and the fight lasted until one of the fighters could not get up after being knocked down. In addition, most wrestling moves were allowed. The fight between the American Kilrain and the Englishman Smith was called a draw after the 106th round as darkness was setting in. Both of the fighters’ managers agreed to restart the fight first thing in the morning, but when the fighters showed up at first light, the managers were no were to be seen. Since the managers did not show up, the fight was officially declared a draw. Later than morning, both managers were found in their beds, unconscious from massive beatings. The police said it looked like two world-class boxers had taken turns beating the managers to a pulp. The police did not expect this case to ever be solved.

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