August 6, 1935

On this day in in 1935 in Hollywood, CA, Dr. Ralph Willard proved cryogenics possible after he successfully froze and resuscitated a monkey named Jekal and brought him back to life. He had previously frozen and thawed several guinea pigs and had them running around in their cages and eating the living flesh and brains of the non-frozen guinea pigs. Dr. Willard said that he believed that with more experimentation he could reduce the resuscitated animals’ cravings for brains and living flesh, as the monkey Jekal was satisfied to sit in his cage and sketch eldritch signs on the walls with his blood and feces. When he stated that he wanted to experiment on dogs to further his studies, the humane societies vigorously protested and asked if there weren’t any displaced Oklahomans available.

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  1. The Frozen Head of Walt Disney says:

    Rubbish! This article is the very worst kind of malicious nonsense!

    Cryonics is a fad, a failure, a flim-flam, a hoax of the lowest order!

    I shudder to think what kind of person would knowingly post such blatant lies!

    You, sir, are a cad, through and through! A CAD, I SAY!

    Walt Disney
    (The Frozen Head of)

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