August 5, 1925

On this day in in 1925 the social political party, Plaid Cymru, was formed with the intent to prevent the Welsh language from dying out and its leaders advocated having it taught in the Welsh schools along with English. Over the next 30 years, Plaid Cymru evolved from trying to keep the Welsh language from dying out to one that also advocated for an independent Wales and making Welsh the only official language of Wales. Llarry Llewayllen Davies formerly of Ystradgynlais but recently of Pwllheli by way of Cwmbran, the main advocate of Wales for the Welsh, said if the British education system would just try to teach the Welsh children how to say their lls and Cws, as well as when to roll their ys, it would be a big improvement and provide some hope to the continuation of the Welsh way of life. The Scottish Parliament said that if the Welsh would stop trying to steal their sheep, they’d have a better chance of living long enough to enjoy English rule and being able to recognize a man in a kilt versus a bird in a skirt.

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