August 27, 1938

On August 27, 1938, Robert Frost showed what ego does in every artistic field. That night, Robert Frost, attended a poetry recital at Tremon Cottage and he took the road most travelled. He travelled down the wide-laned road of jealousy and assholery. Archibald MacLeish was reading some of his poems and Frost began heckling him from the audience. When his jerkish behavior didn’t throw off MacLeish’s reading, Frost actually set fire to some papers and began waving the smoke around. Several of the patrons in attendance then ‘encouraged’ Frost to leave, which he did in a huff. Apparently there could be only one ‘Great Poet’, heck, even just a ‘Good Poet’ in any room that Frost deigned to visit, and it had to be him. Robert Frost, great poet and huge jerk.

About Joel Byers

Born in North Georgia and educated at some very fine public institutions. Real education started after graduating from college and then getting married and raising two boys. Has the ability to see the funny and absurd in most things and will always remark on it, even if it means getting the stink-eye from his victims.
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