August 22, 564 CE

On THIS DATE IN TWISTED-HISTORY in 564 AD, Saint Columba, an Irish Christian missionary, reported seeing and battling a ferocious water monster in the River Ness and banished it to the depths of the river.

The next confirmed sighting of a monster wasn’t until 1933 when George Spicer and his wife almost hit it with their car as it crossed the road and propelled itself into Loch Ness. It was also at that time that a motorcyclist, Arthur Grant, also saw and almost struck the creature along the same stretch of road. Chief Constable William Fraser speculated in 1938 that the reason for so many sightings of the monster in 1933 was that the new road was being built along the loch and that the activity stirred up the creature or creatures. He also said that new road also seemed to make it easier for the monster to leave the loch and graze on the nearby farmers’ sheep and cattle. The farmers adamantly opposed this theory as they said it was well documented that there was no water monster in the loch, but instead it was witches from the town of Dores that were turning nearby teenagers into werewolves and forcing them to do mischief

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