August 19, 2011

On This Date in in 2011 the Chinese Academy of Sciences reported that Dr. Lin Shubaio, 29, a young scientist conducting research on the Tibetan Plateau went missing from Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region’s Muztagh Ata glacier on July 28th. Dr. Bill Dyer, Professor of Geology of the Miskatonic University, Cambridge Division, stated that his young colleague had unearthed a series of heretofore undiscovered caves in the upper regions of the glacier and was avid and headstrong in his intention of exploring them. Dr. Shubaio had stated that the caves whispered to him in their sibilant and hissing voices and when pressed by the other scientists in what the caves were saying, he’d mutter ‘tikilili, tikilili” over and over again. On July 31th, 2011, when the Chinese Academy of Sciences had stated that the caves would not be explored until at least 2015, Dr. Shubaio declared he’d explore them on his own, even if no one else would help him. He has not been seen since.

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  1. The Whispering Voices in Your Head says:

    Maybe he was on to something… You should really go check it out… Sooooo many secrets to unearth… Sooooooooo much to discover… Don’t you want to know the truuuuuth?…

    tikilili, tikilili, tikilili, tikilili, tikilili…

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