August 18, 1914

On This Date in in 1914 the “Proclamation of Neutrality” was issued by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. It was aimed at keeping the U.S. out of World War I. Switzerland sent a cake and welcomed America to the “gray” side. Less than three years later, America entered the Great War on the side of Great Britain, and Switzerland demanded that the US send the cake back. The US did, since it was a very dry and flavorless pound cake and not the moist, chocolate the US had hoped for.

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Born in North Georgia and educated at some very fine public institutions. Real education started after graduating from college and then getting married and raising two boys. Has the ability to see the funny and absurd in most things and will always remark on it, even if it means getting the stink-eye from his victims.
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  1. Doug Rattmann says:

    The cake is a lie.

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