August 14, 1936

On this date in in 1936 the first basketball competition was held as an event at the Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. The U.S. defeated Canada, 19-8. Yes, as evident by the score, both teams were made entirely of white players and travelling was called consistently by the referees.

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  1. A Real Sport Enthusiast says:

    I love the sport! You should do more twisting histories about sport!

    I like EVERY sport but I like the one where the two sport teams try to beat each other best of all. You know the one, it has a ball? That’s the one I like the best! I particularly like it when one sport team gets the ball and the other sport team tries to stop them and then they score points! I love it when that happens!

    As you can clearly see, I am both enthusiastic and informed about all aspects of sporting and different kinds of sport.

    I would write more, but a big sporting thing is about to start and I want to go WATCH it!

    Most sincerely,
    A Real Sport Enthusiast

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