April 8, 1766

On April 8, 1766, the first fire escape was supposedly patented. There is a rudimentary drawing that showed a wicker basket attached to a rope and pulley system that would allow people to lower themselves to the ground from a second, third, or fourth floor window. There is not an identifiable inventor for this contraption. Many people over the years have stated that being thrown out a window would have been safer than using the contraption pictured in 1766. Gaspard II de Coligny, Gary Hoy, William Douglas, Miguel de Vasconcelos, Alexander I of Serbia, and Ivan Safronov would disagree if they were still alive. They all died from being thrown out of a window. They were defenestrated. Dying by being thrown out of a window is called defenestration. It’s happened enough times throughout history that we’ve invented a word for it. So, the rickety basket that might tip over is much better than just being thrown out of a window.

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