April 17, 1521

On This Date in TWISTED-HISTORY.com! in 1521 Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. Martin Luther subsequently sent a letter to the Roman Catholic Church explaining that they couldn’t excommunicate him, because he quit. The Catholic Church sent back that he COULDN’T quit, as that wasn’t allowed by Catholic Church law, so in fact, he WAS excommunicated. Martin Luther sent back another letter explaining that only twits had to ‘emphasis’ their wordings by capitalizing words like ‘was’ and ‘couldn’t’ to get their points across and that in fact, he did quit the Catholic Church and that they could stuff their ‘laws’ were the ‘sun shineth not’. He also explained that he did not require the usual severance package as he intended to keep his head on his shoulders and that no further correspondence was needed, as he would only burn any further missives received from the Catholic Church. When the Church received this last letter, they were very upset, as they wanted to reply to Martin Luther that only jerks would point out someone else’s errors in writings but say nothing of their own, such as putting word’s like was and couldn’t and laws in quotation marks to emphasis their importance. When it was explained that putting words in quotation marks to emphasis their importance was the correct method, the Church decided to quietly simmer in a dark corner and rubbed their hands together while it plotted Martin Luther’s death.

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