April 15, 1878

On April 15, 1878, Harley Proctor introduced Ivory Soap to the American consumer. Foul-mouthed children throughout the United States considered the commercially made soap a decided improvement over the homemade variety. The overall consensus was that Ivory Soap had a bouquet that was pleasant to the nose and that the tongue-feel had a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that was intriguing, while still mysterious and exotic. Many of the more experienced mouth-washers said that they could detect a tannic essence that reminded them of licorice and old boots, especially after their mothers caught them saying f%$@, c&%#, or g%@#@&%$!#. But like all true artiste, the mouth-washers polled said to pick the soap that pleased your individual palate and not to be influenced by price or fancy package, because it’s your mouth and tongue that’s going to be washed with the soap of your choice, so choose one that you like.

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